Week 4 - Farming Fridays

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Week 4


All socio economic groups are drawn together by sameness, a sense of belonging and similar interests. Is it possible for you to create a social microcosm that centers around common homeownership, geography and preferences. How can we use Facebook, LinkedIn and subdivision specific websites to make the most of that culture!

Create a sense of community and culture that centers around your expertise in your Geographic Farm

Create your own community within their neighborhood

1. Create a Private Group on Facebook    “XYZ homeowners”
2. Buy a Domain that represents your farm  “ XYZ homeowners.com”
3. Create a Group in Instagram for your farm.
4. Create an 8 page Neighborhood Newsletter or a 1 page Market report

Worx Bursts
Week 1 - 3
Make sure that all have been completed
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Click here to download your Week 3 Worxburst

The completion of these tasks prior to making your Social Media efforts is imperative.  By using the data that you have spent the last three weeks gathering, you will have information to post, share, and invite your new members to. Be through, go back and make sure.

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