Week 2 - Farming Fridays

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Week 2


Not every homeowner in your Farm Area is in the same boat. Who are the empty nesters vs. the upwardly mobile professionals? Can we identify the landlords and vacation home owners vs. the owners who are upside down or behind on their mortgage?

Build your Binder and begin to catagorize the Residences of your Geographic Farm Area

In order to own a Farm Area you are to become the expert about all of the families who reside in that area.  You should know who is new to their homeownership, who has been there the longest, who owns the home, and who doesn't live there. The research that you do in Week 2 will help you to be able to communicate with your new "friends" when the opportunity arises (or when you make that opportunity arise).  Create your binder using the pages that are listed below.  
If you are not sure what we mean click on them for an explanation.

Worx Burst Week 2

Google is your "friend".
Learn about your Farm Area this week.

Click here to download your Week 2 Worxburst

Become the expert. Learn everything there is to know about your neighborhood. There should not be a question that a buyer or seller could ask that you don’t know off the top of your head. Research your area and learn everything there is to know about it.

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