Week 1 - Farming Fridays

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Week 1


More important than "Stacked Stone Guard Gates" or "Pretty Flowered Subdivision Signage," is the driving economics of your farming decision. Too many agents select their farm area based on proximity, aesthetics or familiarity, and ignore the practical business realities of a farm.

Set the rules in place to guarantee the success of your
Geographic Farm Area Business Plan!

Rule #1

Never enter a Geographic Farm Area where one (1) LISTING AGENT closes more than 25% of the Listings in the Geographic Farm.

This is a very rare but very dangerous
occurance. He/She has already paid
the price of time and money to
dominate this farm area.

Steer Clear of Established Dominance.

Rule #2

Never project more than 10% capture of THE LISTING SIDE COMMISSION during the first year of your Farm!!!

"Conservative Business Planning"

Simply take a snapshot of the
HISTORICAL DATA and determine the

Then project 10% as your GROSS REVENUE.

Rule #3

Never spend MORE THAN 10% of your projected Gross Revenue on Farming Activities.

That’s it!
That’s all the revenue that you have
To Work with for the first year of
Your Geographic Farm Area!

Spend a Dime… Make a Dollar!

Worx Burst Week 1

Review the most recent 24 months of closings
in your "potential" Farm Area

  • Inventory the Names of the LISTING AGENTs and calculate if any one (1) Agent is closing 25%+

  • Calculate the TOTAL LISTING SIDE COMMISSION closed per year!!!

  • Calculate 10% of the 10% to determine your GROSS OPERATING BUDGET.

  • Evaluate the VIABILITY of this Geographic Farm Area from an ECONOMIC Perspective.

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